Brilliant LED Retrofitting LLC is an electrical contracting and wholesale company that specializes in the upgrading of lighting systems to LEDs for large commercial chains and college campuses.

The consultation and installation services that we provide are guaranteed to be consistent and reliable by our efforts to perform almost all of the work ourselves, with well-trained employees who are registered to work over multiple states. We are designed to be a mobile contracting company that provides its clientele with a streamlined service over their entire store front, requiring little to no subcontracting, and that requires only one point of contact. 

There is a wide spectrum of LED products and opinions and we aim to narrow that spectrum through proper instruction, physical demonstration, and detailed project modeling. We work directly with LED manufactures to take advantage of over 17 years of experience in this specific industry and to receive the most up to date product information.

It's our objective to help our clients get the greatest return on their investment by providing them the information and tools necessary to make the right decision.