Choosing the wrong product could cost you, as the customer, a potential loss of up to 35% in future savings. Depending on your profile, that could mean thousands, if not millions, of dollars lost every month in potential savings. 


Step 01: Meet with the customer and breakdown the options and advantages of upgrading to LED lighting.

• We provide pricing info for both upgrading systems to LEDs, and upgrading inferior LED systems to newer, more cost-effective options.

• Most current systems provide a 5 year warranty. We'll help you learn how to maintain your current system in the future. 

• We're here to help you save money. The LED opinion and performance and performance spectrum is huge. Regardless of if you choose ours, we'll help you understand what your most advantageous move is. 

• You are not obligated to buy product from us. Our goal is to be dependable.  We'll bring you competitive offers, but if your institution is already in binding contracts with  supplier, we'll still offer our install services. This provides a unique advantage by our ability to perform work in-house over multiple states. and removes the need and cost of multiple subcontractors as well as the risk of unqualified personnel performing work. 

• Need a specific product we don't carry yet? No problem! We're  able to source the product or work directly with supplier engineers to make it a reality. We've worked hard to get reliable information on the products that we recommend and want to pass that information on to you.   

Step 02: Assist the customer in choosing an option / service that best suits their needs.

As a contractor and wholesaler, we can help the customer in both finding product and installation.

Step 03: Effectively model the option for the customer with full disclosure calculations and timeline projections.

One of the most common complaints that we've heard  has been, “Other lighting companies just give us a large number with no breakdown on where their claims are coming from.” This is the exact opposite of what Brilliant LED Retrofitting strives to do. 

Our number one objective is to save you money. Built in from our pricing to our timeline is a special consideration on how to best optimize your return on your investment. We work hard to provide you investment metrics that you can use to compare to what you're  already doing to what LED lighting can provide you. We want you to be as educated on your investment as possible so that you can move forward with confidence and feel satisfied with the decision that you have made. 

It's  in our business model to scale up or down depending on your objectives. We're a mobile and remote service company, which allows us to adjust more quickly and efficiently than other institutions that are based off of brick and mortar storefronts. Once a product has been chosen and a plan put in place, we can work on providing you an effective timeline because most variables are all in-house.

Step 04: Perform the option for the customer

We provide the service tailored to your needs. This could include your specific requirements on variables such as:

• Shipping and Packaging 
• Time of installation service (i.e. installation during the night vs peak storefront hours during the day)
• Modifications or additions to the installation equipment that could provide for better risk management during the installation 
• Service
• Communication protocol during operations (i.e. estimations, billing, product count)
Employee standards (i.e. dress and appearance, customer interactions, qualifications and training)

As mentioned in previous steps, it is much easier to streamline a reliable custom service when the workforces is kept and trained in-house.

Step 05: Continue Providing ongoing services and support

As a mobile contracting company, it's in our best interest to provide services that are as maintenance-free as possible. It's  just  not cost effective for us to be continually returning for small maintenance issues. For other companies, this may be an additional source of income. The difference in the mindset and product choice of our company, verses those that intend to continually be depended on, will be clearly distinguished during Step 01 and 02 of our process. 

With that being mentioned, we provide a 100% guarantee on our work for the life of the product installed. This would involve either ourselves or another party fixing any faults that may occur free of charge to the customer. Our work typically requires a one-time adjustment, that when made, will last for several decades. 

We also only source reputable suppliers that are capable of delivering on their warranties and will assist our customers if product help is needed. We strive to provide our customers competitive options, but recognize the strict differences in quality and reliability.

With any installation service provided we also guarantee the following: 

1) A commitment to assist our customers with receiving any rebates or incentives currently offered in their area. We cannot guarantee timelines of when incentives will be received, as that is not dependent upon us, but we can guarantee to provide regular status updates for previous clients and follow up until their incentives have been received. 

2) A commitment to keep a client’s profile information in our database for up to 10 years. This would include such information as type of product, the amount of product, and the time required for install. As a client, you'll find this information to be critical for future upgrades and project estimate costs. 

For commitment that goes beyond the lifecycle of the product, we're more than willing to work with our customers and provide competitive ongoing services. These ongoing services may include:

• wholesale distribution
• Re-lamping
• Re-programing
• New installation of lighting or control systems

We're here for the long-term and hope that our relationship with you will be so as well.